ITANAGAR, Feb 29: Nyokum Yullo, the agro-based festival of Nyishi community, was celebrated at Nyapin and Chambang in Kurung Kumey district on Feb 26 with traditional gaiety and religious fervour.
Joining the Nyokum celebrations at Nyapin, an ADC headquarters, as chief guest, Tourism & RWD Minister Pema Khandu extended his Nyokum greetings to the people and called upon one and all to preserve and promote their cultural traditions through the celebration of one’s own festival. While talking of govt agenda of promoting good governance and development, the Minister sought people’s cooperation and participation in the developmental process by maintaining law and order in their respective localities.
In his speech, the guest of honour, MLA Phurpa Tsering also implored the locals not to shun their traditional celebrations in the name of religion. He asked the people not to mix up traditional festivals with religion. Tsering, however, said that he was happy to observe that the people of Nyapin have still maintained their tradition and culture.
Earlier, the Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee chairman Er Tadar Mangku highlighted the Nyokum mythology. He also requested each and every Nyishi’s to upkeep the customs and celebrations of Nyokum Yullo – the cultural heritage handed down to us by forefathers, Abo Tani.
Attending the festival at Chambang as chief guest, Parliamentary Secretary for Tax & Excise, Lokam Tassar exhorted the Nyishi brethrens to take active part in Nyokum celebrations so as to preserve their unique cultural traditions for their succeeding generations.
Impressed by the colourful cultural presentations by the cultural troupes and Buya parties, the chief guest donated Rs one lakh to the festival organizing committee, besides announcing Rs five lakh for construction of Nyokum rostrum at Chambang.
Kurung Kumey DDSE S T Zara, who was the guest of honour on the occasion, stressed the need to learn Nyishi language by each and every member of the community, pointing out that mother tongue is one of the constituents of one’s own cultural identity. He also donated some cash to the festival committee and announced Rs three lakh for erection of a permanent altar at the festival ground.



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